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2015.04.19 Sunday

歌詞 (透明エレジー)

On the roof, you are standing all alone
Just as if you were caught in the haze, I know, 
“I know, all the love we had before, guess I won't ever find it anymore”

ブロークンハーツ with スポークンワーズ もう何もかもお仕舞いにしよう
今以上 誰の期待に添う こともないような灰色の毎日を
絶唱 (Words won't come out, they stay and get in the way)
願うのは嘘の求め合いか ああ 軋む 透明哀歌

Listening to the words I swallow down
The world stops spinning ‘round
Catching a breath, I stroll through town

Below the twinkling stars that fill the sky
Inside this lonely night
It's hard to stifle all my cries

Forgetting everything that happened yesterday,
I still can't remember what tomorrow? was? supposed? to? be?

Ah fuck, it hurts, it hurts me you know
Even though you heard every single word that I said
Now you know, I hate, I hate you, oh -
But my words disappear and then I'm watching you go

Love? A bluff? Enough is enough!
Everything that you're saying now's no different from the words you said before
I don't think I can take it anymore, so I'll send this goodbye off to you

On the roof, stretching far off in the night
Silhouette disappearing from sight, that's right
“That's right - all the words I said before, guess you won't ever hear them anymore”

(Resounding around the room, never hear the sound)
君のそれはもう届かない 誰に借りた言葉だい?
その泣き叫ぶような演技すらどっかの誰かの下位互換 ああああ

継ぎ接いだ想い it's gonna decay
For decades, all the same, replicants remain insane 
Reminiscent of my past compansatin' what i had done
i wish that wasn't fake (Aaaah)


Words won't come out, they stay and get in the way
Even though I was I was there, I just couldn't get through
I'll ignore you more and more, cause you know-
Even now, I can't even think of letting go of you

Fuck - it hurts, enough is enough
Ringing inside my ears, every single word you said that day and-
Gah, I don't think I can take it anymore! Even hearing your voice - go away!

Every single word I wish you'd said's filling me to the brim again
Cutting it away, it's “bye bye bye”
Isn't this what I've always wanted?
Sitting in a pile from long ago, all the pieces that broke, is it mine? Is it yours? I don't know.
It's all… ahh…

It's all inside, the darkest part of my heart
Locked away there is everything I wanted to say
“What a shame, it's all, it's all too late!” - if I only known that sooner
Just, fuck, it hurts, it hurts me you know!
All of me, all of you, all the things in here just should
“Fade away from this reality for good”

Words won't come out, they stay and get in the way
Even though you could hear my voice resounding that day
All the hate, the hate, even today
It's too close to your ears and so it fades away

Stop! It hurts! enough is enough
Everything that I know now's no different from the stuff I knew before
I really cannot take it anymore, so I'll say this goodbye like I should
Let's just end this transparent elegy tonight for good.

Original music and lyrics by ナブナ(sm20132624)
English lyrics by Rachie
Rap lyrics by ill.bell


2018.06.07 Thursday


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